Please note: Key Exhibitions only:   * Denotes solo shows
1971 ‘Modern Ceramics 71’, Bradford City Art Gallery & Museum, Bradford
1973 ‘The Craftsman’s Art’, Victoria & Albert Museum, London
1973 ‘Astbury, Shannon, Rowe’, Crafts Advisory Committee, Waterloo Place Gallery, London
1974 ‘New Ceramics’, Ulster Museum, Belfast
1974-77 ‘Ceramic Forms’, British Council Touring Exhibition, Europe
1975-76 ‘Ceramic Forms’, British Council Touring Exhibition, Poland
1978 *‘Marked Surfaces’, Crafts Centre, London
1978 ‘State of Clay’, Sunderland Arts Centre and touring Britain, Sweden and Norway
1979 *‘Marked Surfaces II’, Everson Museum. NY. USA
1979/81 ‘Image & Idea’, British Council touring exhibition of Australia and New Zealand
1980  ‘Clay Sculpture’, Yorkshire Sculpture Park
1984 *‘Enhanced Image/ Chairs & Circles’, Aberystwyth Arts Centre, University College, Wales
1988  ‘Out of Clay’, Manchester City Museum & Art Gallery
1989 ‘Off the Wheel’, Whitworth Art Gallery, Manchester
1993 ‘On the Edge’, Crafts Council Gallery, and touring to Aberystwyth Arts Centre
1993 ‘The Raw and the Cooked’, Museum of Modern Art, Oxford and touring Britain, Japan and France
1995 *‘Background’, Diorama Gallery, London
1995/96 ‘New Work in Clay in Britain’, Le Musee d’ Art Contemporain de Dunkerque, France
1997 *‘Skins’, Takenaka Corporation, Osaka, Japan
1999 *‘Pulse’, Diorama Gallery, London
2000 ‘British Ceramics 2000’, Grimmerhus Museum, Denmark
2002 ‘Different States’, Spacex Gallery, Exeter
2011 ‘POSTMODERNISM: Style and Subversion 1970-1990’  Victoria & Albert Museum
2012 ‘Shifting Paradigms in Contemporary Ceramics’ Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, Texas, USA
2012 ‘Forty Forty’ online exhibition celebrating 40 years by the Crafts Council
2015 ‘FRAGILE?’, National Museum, Wales
Mint Museum, NC, USA
Victoria & Albert Museum, London
ILEA Collection, London
Northwest Arts Association
Portsmouth Museum and Art Gallery
Craft Council Collection, London
Ulster Museum, Belfast, Northern Ireland
Everson Museum, NY, USA
Southampton Art Gallery
Rohss Museum, Gothenburg, Sweden
Nakamura Art Gallery, Nagoya, Japan
T. Hellburg Collection, Sweden
Grimmerhus Museum Library, Denmark
Aberystwyth Arts Centre, Wales
Shigaraki Ceramic Cultural Park, Museum of Contemporary Ceramic Art. Japan
Tate Britain Library, London
Diorama Gallery, London
B. Place Gallery, Japan
Juda Collection, London
Hiroyuki Collection, Japan
Contemporary Arts Society, London
A. Blond Collection, France
Firth Collection, England
EKWC, Netherlands
Arizona State University Art Museum, USA
Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, USA
W.A. Ismay Collection, York Museums Trust, York, England
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Copyright of Paul Astbury, 2006
All rights reserved.